American Red Cross EmComm Drill - November 14, 2020

This drill is an exercise in sending messages from local sites to a group of Divisional Clearinghouses to simulate and demonstrate the capability of amateur radio operators across the country to relay information in times of need. The drill will use the messaging program Winlink as the primary method of delivering preformatted messages. Amateur radio operators will be free to utilize any connection mode available - HF, VHF, UHF and Telnet. The goal is to encourage more operators to become familiar with Winlink and the message templates within.
  • First message (to be transmitted from 9am to 10am HST)
    ARC 213 General Message Template can be found in Winlink under Standard Forms, ARC Forms
    • DR#: Enter "ARCDRILL1120"
    • Message#: Enter "001"
    • Incident Name: Enter "Red Cross Message Drill"
    • Precedence:  Enter "Routine"
    • To (Name and Position):  Enter "ARCHI" (Hawaii Divisional Clearinghouse)
    • From (Name and Position): Enter Your First and Last Name and Callsign
    • Subject:  Enter "Red Cross Messaging Drill 11-20"
    • Date and Time: Winlink automatically fills in Date and Time.
    • Precede the body of the message with "THIS IS A DRILL**"
    • Message:
      • The Town and State that you are in. (Example: Hilo, HI)
      • Mode used to send the message TELNET, PACKET, PACTOR, ARDOP,VARA HF OR FM
      • Enter "Solo Operator"
    • Approved by:  Enter Your First and Last Name and Callsign
    • Position/Title: Enter All your affiliations, e.g., Red Cross, RACES, AUXCOM, etc If you are an ARES leader, add your title, ARES ASEC, ARES DEC, ARES ADEC, ARES CEC If none, enter "NONE"
    Click here for instructions on filling out the 213 form. First Message Completed Sample.
  • Second message (to be transmitted from 10am to 11am HST):
    ARC Hawaii Hurricane Daily Shelter Report Hawaii ARC forms can be found under Standard Templates, HI STATE Forms
    • Date: Click for the Date or manually input.
    • Shelter Name / County: Use the assigned Private Shelter name Add your county Hawaii, Honolulu, Kauai or Maui
    • Shelter Manager: Fill in a simulated name.
    • Phone: Fill in a simulated phone number.
    • Total Number of Sheltering Workers: Total number to include, all ARC volunteers, County workers, NG personnel working at the shelter, MRC volunteers, Humane Society volunteers, shelter radio operators, to include # of Disaster Health Services workers and # of Disaster Mental Health workers in the shelter (Note: in a real-world situation, all the above categories may not be represented. For this exercise, we suggest you use all.
    • # Disaster Health Services: Simulate the number, 0 or 1; in reality, most hurricane evacuation shelters may not have a Disaster Health Services worker (check with the Shelter Manager).
    • # Disaster Mental Health: Simulate the number, 0 or 1; in reality, most hurricane evacuation shelters may not have a Disaster Mental Health worker (check with the Shelter Manager).
    • SHELTER POPULATION: For the exercise, we will only fill the in the date for the 12 noon Count. Enter simulated numbers for the following categories:
        • Age 0-3 years old.
        • Age 4-7 years old.
        • Age 8-12 years old.
        • Age 13-18 years old.
        • Age 19-65 years old.
        • Age 65+ years old.
    • Preparer Name: The simulated Shelter Manager's Name used above.
    • Preparer Signature: /s/ Type/write in the simulated Shelter Manager's Name.
    After pressing SUBMIT the text you entered will be copied into the Winlink message. The TO field will be blank. Before posting it to the OUT BOX in preparation to START sending it, please address the message as follows: Oahu and Kauai radio operators send your message to KH7HO Maui and Hawaii radio operators send your message to KH6FHI Second Message Completed Sample
  • Event Pictures
    Radio operators are requested to take pictures of themselves with their radio station. Email not more than two pictures to Van at so we can share the operating stations used in the exercise. Look for a collage after the event.
  • Event ZOOM Session
    There will be a ZOOM Tech Session, hosted by Joe (KH6FHI) and Van (NH7IT), from 9-11 AM during the exercise to answer questions about Winlink or the exercise. This will be followed by a quick hot wash at 11 AM to discuss what went well, what were the challenges, and what could be improved so we can share experiences. ZOOM Link: